Tables Methods
use class table inside table element
Select Customer Version Planned upgrade DB-Info Website info
Test one
CCode: 33123
7.1.5 26.11.2018 Server: s1
DB: db1
Websitename: Red
Node: 10
Test two
CCode: 12353 26.11.2019 Server: s1
DB: db2
Websitename: Green
Node: 6
Test three
CCode: 33522
7.1.6 01.01.2020 Server: s2
DB: db1
Websitename: Orange
Node: 5
Test four
CCode: 25512
7.1.7 26.03.2021 Server: s1
DB: db3
Websitename: Blue
Node: 10
Column Visibility
Import / Export Data
NOTE: The csv column delimiters and line delimiters are set to "," and "\n" respectively.
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