Bootstrap Switch Button implements all standard bootstrap 4 button colors.
Dark Theme Colors
Bootstrap Switch Button colors look great on dark backgrounds.
Custom Text
The text can be changed easily with attributes or options.
HTML, Icons, Images
You can easily add icons or images since html is supported for on/off text.
Multiple Lines of Text
Toggles with multiple lines will adjust its heights.
Animation Speed
Transition speed can be easily controlled with css transition property on .switch-group. You can also turn animation off completely.
Stacked checkboxes
Simply add data-toggle="switchbutton" to convert checkboxes into toggles.
Event Propagation
Note All events are propagated to and from input element to the switch-button.
Methods can be used to control a switch button directly.
Method Demo Description
initialize Initializes the switch-button with options
destroy Destroys the switch-button
on Sets the switch-button to 'On' state
off Sets the switch-button to 'Off' state
toggle Toggles the state of the switch-button
enable Enables the switch-button
disable Disables the switch-button
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